Insurance Adjuster License Advantages:

Insurance Adjuster Course Description:
The All Lines Resident Insurance Adjuster License is the broadest adjusters license available and allows the adjuster to work with the following types of losses:

This extensive course will prepare you for the final exam that will certify you as a knowledgeable professional insurance adjuster not only in Texas, but in the multiple states that offer reciprocity, provided that you also satisfy any unique state-based requirements

Adjuster License Training Course & Exam
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We cover:

Adjuster License Exam Information
The Texas Property and Casualty Final Exam is a 150-question multiple choice test that is taken at the end of the course. This may be taken online and the candidate does not have to travel to a Texas license exam center. This is especially helpful for out-of-state candidates. The passing score is 70%, and 70% of the questions are application type vs. memory questions. The exam is monitored by a disinterested third party selected by the candidate. The Texas Property and Casualty course is approved for 40 hours by the Texas Department of Insurance. This covers a great deal of material! That is why to help the candidate focus and have a sense of what is most important, we made the list below.

Exam topics
Insurance Terms & Concepts
Practices and Responsibilities
Standard Fire Policy
Personal Lines, ISO/TX Forms
Auto Liability and TX PAP
Commercial Lines Coverages
Ocean Marine
Inland Marine
Licensing Requirements
Marketing Practices
Addl. Coverage/Exclusions

After all the snow of the last month,  the  United States urgently needs more claims adjusters! In addition, now we are predicted to have another very active hurricane season for 2017.

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What is an Adjuster?
An adjuster is someone employed by a property & casualty insurance company (or an individual) to settle claims on its/their behalf brought by an insured individual/ company. The adjuster evaluates the merits of each claim and makes recommendations to the insurance company. In fact, an adjuster is one who investigates insurance claims or claims for damages and recommends an effective settlement to their client.

After completing the course, how will I get my license?
Our course is approved as a substitute for the Texas Adjuster Exam; if completion of this 40 hour course & exam is successful you will be exempt from taking the exam through the Texas Department of Insurance

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*Instructor Connect*   Direct access to an in-house insurance expert and instructor to answer your questions about course content or the insurance licensing process. Our live instructor help desk is available to you from 8:30am to 4:30pm CST by phone and email (voicemail and email responded to within 24 business hours). Valid for 30 days from the date of enrollment.
Insurance Adjuster License Training
Earning the Texas Insurance Adjuster license requires attentive study, but this course will walk you through each step with clear explanations and application questions to evaluate and apply your growing knowledge.

Upon successful completion of the final exam, you will be ready to start the application process with TDI formally obtain your Texas All Lines Adjuster license.

Final Exam information:

Successful candidates need to pass a 2 ½ hour, 150 multiple choice final exam with a score of 70% or better. 70 % of questions are application based and 30% memory. The final exam must be monitored by a disinterested third party who must sign an Affidavit verifying exam compliance.

Insurance Claims Adjuster Salary and Additional Benefits. The mean annual wage for insurance adjusters in the country is $58,780, and many are provided laptops, cell phones, and company cars as necessary equipment for their work.

Texas has a reciprocal license agreement with these states and you may be able to work these states with an emergency permit from that state.

South Dakota
North Dakota
North Dakota
New Jersey

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The Texas Insurance Adjuster license is considered the most valuable insurance adjuster license in the country. Now 15 states recognize this license via reciprocity!  Get Yours Today!
This unique adjuster's license allows an adjuster to enjoy a nearly nationwide scope of operation as long as any unique state regulations are also met. This broad license makes an adjuster much more valuable.
Texas All Lines  Insurance Adjuster License   40 hrs    $249.95
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Texas All Lines  Insurance Adjuster License   40 hrs     $169.00
        without live instructor subscription

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