PACKAGES, PDH HOURS  Pkgs Range From $250 to $595
ASHRAE Fundamentals of HVAC Systems  35.0
ASHRAE Air-Conditioning System Design Manual  24.5 
ASHRAE Fund Standards.Ventilation/Acceptable Indoor Air Quality 29
ASHRAE Fund of HVAC Control Systems  48
ASHRAE Fund of Standard 90.1 for Architects  18  
ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design for Small Retail Bldgs 8.0 
ASHRAE Sustainable Bldgs/High Performance System Design 31.0
ASHRAE Introduction to DDC (Digital Controls) for HVAC  12.5  
ASHRAE Refrigeration Equipment  11.5    
ASHRAE Fundamentals of Refrigeration  9.0 

COURSE TITLE.  PDH HOURS  Courses Range by state From $13 to $95
AEDSMRB: Design Strategies and Recommendations  1.0  
AEDSMRB: Quality Assurance  1.0
AEDSMRB: Building Envelope  1.5
AEDSMRB: Lighting  1.5 
AEDSMRB: HVAC Equipments and Systems  1.0   
AEDSMRB: Service Water Heating and Bonus Savings  1.0
AEDSMRB: Examples and Case Studies  1.0

GreenGuide: The Basics of Sustainable Design  5.0
GreenGuide: Commissioning  3.0
GreenGuide: LEED Guidance  3.0 
GreenGuide: Integrated Design  3.0
GreenGuide: Indoor Environmental Quality  4.5
GreenGuide: Energy Conservation  8.5
GreenGuide: Plumbing and Fire Protection Systems  1.0  
GreenGuide: Building Controls  2.5
FUND HVAC SYSTEMS: Introduction to HVAC Design  1.5 
FUND HVAC SYSTEMS: An Introduction  3.5   
FUND HVAC SYSTEMS: Thermal Comfort  2.0
FUND HVAC SYSTEMS: Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality  3.0H     
FUND HVAC SYSTEMS: Zones  1.5     
FUND HVAC SYSTEMS: Single-Zone Handlers & Unitary Equipment  3.0 
FUND HVAC SYSTEMS: Multiple Zone Air Systems  2.0
FUND HVAC SYSTEMS: Hydronic Systems  2.5   
FUND HVAC SYSTEMS: Hydronic System Architecture  2.5     
FUND HVAC SYSTEMS: Central Plants  2.0  
FUND HVAC SYSTEMS: Controls  2.5   
FUND HVAC SYSTEMS: Energy Conservation Measures  3.5
FUND HVAC SYSTEMS: Special Applications  4.0

DDC HVAC: DDC Introduction to Hardware and Software  4.0
DDC HVAC: DDC Networks and Controls Protocols  4.0
DDC HVAC: Digital Controls Specification  4.0

A-CSD: The Design Process  2.5
A-CSD: HVAC System Selection Issues  1.0
A-CSD: Occupant Comfort and Health  1.5
A-CSD: Load Calculations  1.5
A-CSD: Air-Conditioning System Components—Source Equipment  2.0
A-CSD: Air-Conditioning System Components—Heat Transfer Equipment 1.0
A-CSD: Air-Conditioning System Comp—Pumps, Valves, Piping, Ductwork 1.5
A-CSD: Introduction to All-Air Systems  0.5
A-CSD: Single-Zone and Variable-Air-Volume All-Air Systems  1.0 
A-CSD: All-Air Reheat Systems  0.5   
A-CSD: Dual-Duct and Multizone All-Air Systems  1.5
A-CSD: Simple Rooftop All-Air Systems  0.5 
A-CSD: Air-and-Water Systems  2.0   
A-CSD: All-Water Systems  3.0  
A-CSD: Special HVAC Systems  3.0
A-CSD: HVAC&R Controls  1.5

Ref Equipment: Evaporators  1.5
Ref Equipment: Compressors  2.5
Ref Equipment: Condensers  1.5
Ref Equipment: Pipes, Valves and Pumps  2.0
Ref Equipment: Expansion Devices  2.0
Ref Equipment: Pressure Vessels  2.0

Fund of Refrigeration: Heat Transfer and the Basic Refrigeration Cycle  1.5
Fund of Refrigeration: Thermodynamic States, Properties, And Laws  2.0    
Fund of Refrigeration: Psychrometrics  1.0
Fund of Refrigeration: Multi-Stage And Cascade Refrigeration Cycles  2.0   
Fund of Refrigeration: Refrigeration System Parameters And Performance  0.5 
Fund of Refrigeration: Refrigerants  2.0

Overview of Mechancial Systems  1.0
Burner Management System  1.0
Chemical Batch Process Quality Management - Communication  1.0      
Ethics: Easy to Argue About, Hard to Follow  1.0   
Hydraulic Power Systems  1.0
Considerations When Installing a Steam Conditioning Valve  1.0 
Texas Professional Engineer Conduct and Ethics  1.0
Ethical Considerations with Low-Lethality Weapons  1.0
Hot Taps and Line Stops  1.0
Interviewing – 10 Rules for Success  1.0
Standards – from Genesis to the WWW  1.0
Underground Line Cutting Safety  1.0

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ASHRAE - Fundamentals of HVAC Systems 
Course Description:
The Fundamentals of HVAC Systems ncludes:
Separate Inch-Pound and SI / metric versions are available.
A thorough introduction to how HVAC systems control temperature, air quality, and air circulation in a conditioned space.

After completing this course, you will understand:
Ideal for:

Learning Objectives:
The 13 online courses help you to understand:
Courses :
Each of the Full-Length Course’s 13 Modules are available separately as a Short Course.
Our online training courses can't be beat.  Also our online certification classes are the best you can find anywhere.
13 Courses from HVAC Systems (I-P and SI) PDHs
Introduction to HVAC Design  1.5
HVAC Systems: An Introduction  3.5
HVAC Systems: Thermal Comfort  2
HVAC Systems: Ventilation & IAQ  3
HVAC Systems: Intro to Zones  1.5
HVAC Systems: Single-Zone Handlers & Unitary Equipment  3
HVAC Systems: Multiple-Zone Air Systems  2

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