*Our Learn2Serve: TABC Seller-Server Training course is approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, and instructs you in all of the Texas regulations and procedures you need to know before you sell and serve alcohol to the public. No more 6 hour time limit!   Get TABC certified faster. The new TABC Certification course is fully loaded with new interactive video. Print your certificate immediately!

The Learn2serve program is approved by the NYSLA through the Empire State Restaurant and Tavern Association program # Albany AT0001.The ABCs of the New York ABC Laws course will give owners an understanding of their duties and responsibilities under the New York State Alcohol Beverage Control Law. The program provides detailed guidance on the steps a licensee can take to ensure they operate in compliance with the law.

Effective training will enhance the fundamental people skills of servers, sellers, and consumers of alcohol.  Establishments that train their employees benefit by reducing risk and creating a safer, more responsible work environment.  
Off Premises locations such as:
may require unique training compared to an 
On Premises locations such as:

Our alcohol  training is the perfect course for someone who wants to get a bartending license.

Learn2Serve, which is a comprehensive web-based training solution, is powered by 360training who is a leading provider of regulated government accredited online certification training courses. The courses are created for the hospitality industry including: hotel, restaurant, bar, convenience & grocery employees and managers. As the nation's leading provider of online alcohol seller/server and food safety manager certification training courses, Learn2Serve provides a convenient alternative to traditional classroom based instruction without compromising the quality of training that you expect. Learn2Serve’s online alcohol seller and server certification training courses are recognized or approved in over 30 US states.
Benchmark in 2001
Our partner, 360training, developed and gained approval by Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to deliver the State's first alcohol training online solution to offer alcohol seller/server permits to over 30,000 alcohol licensee permit holders in a 100% online environment, eliminating the traditional requirement for classroom instruction. 

How Liability Affects You
Whether you serve cocktails in a restaurant or bar, sell beer at a convenience or liquor store, or offer wine and other spirits in your own home, you could be held liable, or responsible, should one of your patrons, customers, guests or friends become intoxicated and cause damage to himself, others or property. Having  alcohol training or being certified in a quality alcohol service training program can prevent some of the problems that result from the misuse of alcohol. 

Over 207,666 TABC Certificates Issued.

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More information on Alcohol Seller Server courses
Every state has laws regarding the sale and serving of alcohol. With our online courses you can rest assured you are getting the best possible training!  Enroll today!
Available to All States - 
CraftBeer.: Beer 101  1 hrs 
Introduction to Wine  1 hrs 
Tobacco Seller  2* hrs
Texas Food Handler + TABC Certification Package 4 hrs
CraftBeer.com: Beer 101 1 hrs
Introduction to Wine  1 hrs 
Learn2Serve: TABC Seller-Server Training  3 hrs  
Texas Food Handler Training Course  2 hrs
Texas Food Handler Training Course - City of Plano  2* hrs 
CraftBeer.com: Beer 101  1 hrs 
Food Handler Training Course 2 hrs
Introduction to Wine 1 hrs 
Learn2Serve New York Alcohol Training Awareness Program                    (ATAP) Off-Premise Training  3 hrs
Learn2Serve New York Alcohol Training Awareness                                     Program(ATAP) On-Premise Training  3 hrs
Tobacco Seller  2* hrs


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